My name is Bucky Balls a character from Reaction Comics and, well to get straight to the point, I’m here with Superbitch because I have been tasked with the lovely job of interviewing her here on the set of her new comic book adventure, and as I understand it there isn’t a title for this new adventure of yours am I right?

Well it’s tentatively titled “Superbitch Unchained”. At least that’s the working title.

So what’s it about or can you tell us much without spoiling it for us?

Maybe I can let a little cat out of the bag, but only a little one.

A little pussy is always better than none I always say.

You so nasty!

What? Isn’t your tag line “Sex, Violence, Action, Gore and More?

Yeah that’s been it ever since my first adventure hit comic book shops back in the 70’s.

The 70’s was a long time ago! I mean what’s that about 40 years? Wow! You look fantastic! I guess that’s why your nick name is “The Fantastic Fox!” Most people who were young back then look old these days!

Yeah most people except for comic book characters! If I’m still the Fantastic Fox, It’s because I’m drawn that way! Look at Betty Boop! She has got to be at least 90 years old and doesn’t look a day over 20!

Betty is an old freak too! I saw her give Max Fleisher’s ink pen a throbbing boner in an uncensored cartoon that was shown at a Phil Sueling comic-con in Manhattan back in the day. Betty was twerking before Miley Cyrus was an itch in her daddy’s achey-breaky pants! But you… you’re fantastic alright! I read that first adventure of yours. Superbitch in Outer Space! I brought a copy with me, maybe you can sign it for me after we’re done here.

My pleasure! How do you want it signed, as “Superbitch” or with my name “Freda Foxx?”

I don’t know, we’ll cross that bridge later. Right now I need to steer you back to this new adventure of yours that’s coming out.

Actually it’s not just one adventure but a trilogy.

Wow! Now see that’s something right there! I did not know that, and I know everything!

Yeah, I’ll just bet you do.

You better believe it! I’ve even seen you naked! Will there be any nudity in this thing?

It’s in my contract. I am after all “Superbitch” and sex is the first word in my tag line.

So any mothers out there at the comic book shop looking to buy some comic book material for little Johnny better pass you up!

It should be obvious that I’m not suitable for little Johnny from the covers on the books. I mean there’s also a mature reader sticker on there so don’t gather the villagers at the tower with torches if little Johnny gets a hold of a copy. Do your job and keep the drugs, guns and Superbitch out of little Johnny’s reach. I’ll blow little Johnny’s mom’s mind! Kid’s can handle the truth but parents are another story.