What do you mean? I don’t get it?

He didn’t get it either, because all of a sudden his grade dropped from an “A” to a red “F”. He was only 14 years old, still naive about the pettiness of adults and couldn’t figure out why his grade suddenly got so shitty. One day a classmate pulled him to the side and told him what was up.

Yeah, and…

The girl told him that when he was out of the room one day the teacher, who was somewhat of an emotional wretch-they call it bipolar now, went into a rant about a project she was trying to work on for her masters and it was going badly. She blurted out in tears of frustration that she couldn’t understand how the media give that stupid kid so much attention while she was getting none for her work. She was in her thirties and a serious “artiste”. Then she said, “he’s not going to pass my class, I”ll see to that!”

Wow, seriously? She was like a villainous art teacher or something! How did it end?

She flunked him all year with “F’s” and his final grade was a red “D”.

Couldn’t he go to the principal or the school board or somebody about this?

He did but the teacher’s union is strong and they protect their own. It’s not about education.

That’s unbelievable! But believable!

His senior year at that school he got a really helpful art teacher named Mr. Gustafson. Who mentored him and taught him things that would help him as a professional.

Wow you know a lot about this guy.

I should, he’s my creator. I live in his mind so why wouldn’t I know a lot about him.

It’s like your religion or something.

I guess you could say that.

Man we really keep gettin’ off track. I mean there’s so much we can talk about. Like what were some of the other characters like in your last adventure?

Like who for instance?

Well what was the Space-Prick like and his Tricky Dickies. What about those horny trolls, the lesbanians, and the cyclaps monster?

Don’t forget Doctor Kaputnik, and the astronauts!

Tell me a little about the Tricky Dickies because at the time of your adventure, President Nixon was going through his Watergate scandal.

I don’t know about Nixon but the Tricky Dickies were a rambunctious bunch. They were always doing sneaky things. They were tricky too just like in the story. Of course they’re all stuck on Lesbania married to their lesbian wives.

They all became domesticated fathers too.

Yeah that happens to a lot of would-be womanizers. Read about it on this site! The full comic book is available for free download.

My favorite scene is when country boy Muldoon gets knocked out by your tits literally. You bare your tits and he goes “Jumpin’ Catfish!”

Yeah, my line was “They ain’t catfish but they jump just the same, sugar!”

He was the first victim of your battering ram tits. Did he ever regain consciousness?

Don’t think so.

Who are some of the characters you run into this time around?

Well, news flash! I have an arch enemy!

Really! Let’s hear about this!

Well she’s always been around watching and plotting her machinations. She’s wicked and solypsistic to the point that she’s a total nut case. Her name is…drum roll please…Syreeta Le Vinn.

Sounds like a wicked bitch for sure! Tell us more!

She’s like Sherlock Holmes’ Moriarty. She’s got similar powers to mine and she’s my match physically but she’s so fucked up in the head that it becomes her Achilles heel. But she’s no push over, the bitch has a lot of power.