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C2E2 2015 v.s. Wizard Con

C2E2 number 6 is a wrap and Chicago comic book fans can look forward to Wizard Con due in August. It has been 6 years since the gauntlet was thrown down to see which Con would dominate Chicago. The battle continues but as far as Comic Cons go, C2E2 has been a breath of fresh air for the pop culture atmosphere in Chicago. C2E2 has generated a much needed competitive spirit to the lethargy that had seeped into Chicago Comic Con.

In the previous decade, Chicago had the dubious status of a major city without a vibrant Comic Con presence. Rosemont, Illinois hosts the Chicago Comic Con under the auspices of Wizard World, and until six years ago it was the only major pop culture celebration in town, but it was a Con in decline. Chicago Comic Con runs third place behind New York Comic Con, which lags behind San Diego Comic Con. Chicago may be the “Second City” but not when it comes to Comic Con.



The Superbitch Interview

The Superbitch Interview

PART I My name is Bucky Balls a character from Reaction Comics and, well to get straight to the point, I'm here with Superbitch because I have been tasked with the lovely job of interviewing her here on the set of her new comic book adventure, and as I understand it...

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